Logo3rd International Symposium on Process Tomography in Poland Lodz 2004

2nd day, September 10, 2004 (Friday morning)

  9:00 - 10:45
10:45 - 11:15
11:15 - 11:30

11:30 - 13:30
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Visit in Computer Engineering Department and coffee refreshment
Keynote speech (Geir Anton Johansen)
Coffee break
2nd Poster session (12x5) - Chairman E. Hammer
An Evaluation Method Of 3D Direct Object Identification Using Gamma-Ray Tomography.
V. Mosorov, J. W³odarczyk
A 3 Mm Radio Wave Device For Multi Frequency EM Sounding Of Thin Protective
Dielectric Coatings: P. Fedosyuk, V. Ravsky, R. Labjak, D Fedasyuk
An Introduction To The Bayesian/MCMC Approach As A Recently Developed Methodology For Tomographic Data Analysis. A. Romanowski, K. Grudzien, R. G. Aykroyd,
R. A. Williams, R. M. West and S. Meng

The Stand For Tests Of Gas-Liquid Flow Structure. M. R. Rz±sa
Some Numerical Aspects Of The 3D Finite Element Method In EIT.
M. Stasiak, J. Sikora, S. F. Filipowicz
3D Graphics Hardware Acceleration Features For 3D Tomography.
R. Banasiak, £. Mazurkiewicz, R. Wajman
The Numerical Calculation Of The Electrical Field For Electrical Process Tomography:
R. Wajman, £. Mazurkiewicz, R. Banasiak
Using Equivalent Electrical Networks For Sensitivity Maps Calculation In Electrical
Tomography: M. Dorozhovets, I. Basarab-Horwath
Electrical Capacitance Tomography For Studying The Flow Of Friable Materials In Silos:
Z.Chaniecki, T. Dyakowski, M. Niedostatkiewicz, A. Plaskowski, D. Sankowski, W. Smolik, R. Szabatin

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